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English improvement (old TV shows quiz, mostly)

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 to appraise : évaluer (la valeur d’un produit) ; "Go back inside, get your appraising shit and start appraising" says Vito to Vic the appraiser.
 awry : de travers, en sucette ; Police were called to what seemed to be a chrismas prank gone awry.
 biddy : nana (pejoratif comme chick) ; A model to follow a biddy on the screen/You can bluff the world and every day is Halloween (Kas Product, Never come back).
 to bone  : niquer ; "her husband’s boning the tennis pro" says Doug to Nancy, talking about Celia.
 the brunt : le gros de la charge ; "You stayed and took the brunt" says Janice to Tony, talking about their mother.
 to call in sick : se faire porter pâle ; "I don’t know where you’re headed, but can you call in sick ?" says Phil Connors to Ned Ryerson.
 to carve : découper de la viande, d’où suriner ; "For a green card, I gonna carve him up real nice" says Tony Montana.
 conceited : vaniteux, suffisant ; "Tony, please. You’re so conceited. Do you think I want to call you ?" (Tony ex goomah).
 a curse : une malédiction ; "if killing is your only talent, that’s your curse" says Briseis to Achilles.
 to delve : creuser, faire des recherches ; "But we’ll have to delve deeper, focus" says Melfi to Tony.
 to pull dents : débosseler ; "There’s two things I’m good at, it’s pulling dents and spotting good blowjobs" says Pussy to the Bada Bing crew.
 to disparage : déprécier ; "I didn’t mean to sound disparaging" says Dr Melfi to Tony speaking about an Italian woman he mentionned.
 to ditch : sécher (les cours) ; "the two of you ditch school to fuck in my guestroom" says Nancy to Silas and Quinn.
 ditsy : évaporé(e), stupide ; "I think ’toodle-oo’ (to say toodle-oo to a mobster) was the action of a ditsy young girl" says Dr Melfi.
 doodies : crottes, diarrhées de bébé ; "was just hoping for some nice, loose doodies" says Celia about her giving laxatives to her fat daughter.
 a doozy : une chose remarquable, le top, d’après un modèle de voiture des années 20 : The classic Model J Duesenberg ; "Watch out for that first step, it’s a doozy" says Ned Ryerson to Phil Connors ; cette expression semble proverbiale, peut-être en rapport avec une phrase célèbre d’un bourreau (hangman) sardonique.
 a douche bag : un glandu, un connard... ; "Hi, my name is JT, I’m an alcoholic and an addict. I’m also a TV writer, which by default makes me a douche bag."
 a drip : un loser, un naze ; "Med’s friend : Whatever Med. He was such a drip. Med : No he was not. He was great !"
 to fail somebody : décevoir quelqu’un (en échouant) ; “don’t fail me this time” says Darth Vader to the admiral.
 to flog : flageller ; Saint Quentin was stretched on the rack, then flogged.
 fowl  : volatiles, oiseaux ; "And I apologize for my fowl language" write Tony to Dr Melfi, misusing "fowl" instead of "foul". Nota bene : Melfi notice the mistake but doesn’t link it to the Tony’s beloved ducks.
 to get a pup tent : bander. “when did you start getting a pup tent over caskets ?” Asked Claire to Nate.
 to give head : sucer/lécher ; Tony : Uncle Jun gives head ? Carmela : World class. T : He whistles to the wheat field. C : Don’t be disgusting !
 greaseball : personne de type latin ; "Let me tell you something about that greaseball cocksucker" says Frank to Tony.
 green around the gills : pâle voire vert, malade (gills = ouïes, branchies) ; Tony’s green around the gills because he ate indian food.
 grumpy : grincheux, grognon, râleur ; "Parisians can be so grumpy, have you noticed ?" asked Céline to Jesse.
 hag : sorcière ; "Let Tony on the phone you bearded polack hag" says Irina to the polish maid.
 hardship : épreuve, difficultés ; Tony : "I was banging her for two years." Melfi : "Was that a hardship on her ?" Tony : "That’s cute."
 to haul : tirer (une charge) ; "Considering I had to haul your last boyfriend of your kitchen in a Hefty bag..." (Tony to his siter).
 hick : cul-terreux, péquenaud ; Phil Connors : "They are hicks, Rita."
 klutz : personne idiote ou maladroite ; "It’s mya fault she’s a klutz ?" asked Ralph to Tony, talking about a strip girl he has just beaten to death.
 knockoff : un faux, une contrefaçon ; "It’s a knockoff but you can’t even tell" says Susan about her new purse.
 on the lam : en fuite (= on the run mais plus argotique) ; "because I had to go on the lam !" says Dr Melfi to her collegue who’s a bit shocked.
 loan-sharking : usure ; "... and a little numbers (paris clandestins), extortion, loan-sharking" (what Tony’s father did for a living).
 to make out : sortir avec, flirtouiller (pelles et tripotage ) ; "yeah, they were making out, but nothing naked" tells Shane to her mother about Silas and Quinn.
 mealy-mouthing : noyage de poisson ; "Look, Dad, please, don’t start mealy-mouthing" says Med to his father.
 MILF = Mother I’d Like to Fuck : une mère, donc une femme plus si jeune d’un point de vue adolescent, baisable encore ; viendrait du film American Pie.
 muff : motte, partie touffue au dessus du vagin ; "You’re so high you wouldn’t know if he had your mother’s muff on his head" says Tony to Christopher speaking about Ralph.
 muffin : tarte aux poils ; I won’t tell you that I love you/Kiss or hug you/Cause I’m bluffin’ with my muffin : Gaga, Poker face.
 to nip in the bud : étouffer dans l’oeuf ; "Nip it in the bud" says Tony to Silvio, talking about Feech who is beginning to step on everybody’s toes.
 nugget : pépite ; "the emergency is Miss Dana is hot for this little nugget at her country club" says Shane to Tina.
 number one, number two : pipi, caca ; "I heard the nurse say you made number two in your pants" says Adriana to Christopher.
 obnoxious : désagréable voire odieux ; "I hate the way he talks to you, it’s so obnoxious" says Med to Janice.
 to pack fudge : pratiquer la sodomie (emballer un fondant...) ; Meadow : "there are more Nobel Prize winners in the Bay area (San Francisco) than anywhere on the planet." Tony : "Nobel Prize for what ? Packing fudge ?".
 peckish : avoir faim ; Shane’s father : "I’m feeling a little bit peckish myself".
 phat : cool ou sexy (il semble que le mot soit un peu déclassé, ringard ; "... and then he yanks the sword from that dude. That was so phat." tells Anthony at sunday dinner.
 pie in the sky : chose attendue ou promise mais qui ne risque pas de se réaliser ; "When he heard the term « pie in the sky » he voluntered for the 82nd Airbone" says Tony B about Tony S (who eats too much.)
 potty : le pot ; "I need to go potty" says Maya to her father Nate.
 rabble-rouser : agitateur ; "Nobody likes him. He’s a rabble-rouser" says the corrupted Zellman to Tony about a cop sacked.
 rodent : rongeur ; "We had to have surgery after discovery of a small rodent in the rectal passage" (Ralph playing a bad trick to Paulie’s mother).
 rub one out : se masturber (jusqu’au bout) ; "My god, Claire. Have you never even rubbed one out ?" asked Anita to Claire.
 ruthless : impitoyable ; War ! The republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sith Lord...
 scag : héroïne ; "You can’t be high on scag and have children" tells Tony to Christopher.
 schlong : bite, queue... ; "When he’d get out of the hot tub, the water would just bead up on his schlong" tells Margaret to her daughter Brenda.
 scoundrel : canaille ; Han solo is a scoundrel according to Leia.
 to skeeve out : débecter ; "truth is, pussy really skeeves me out" says Celia to Nancy - after she proposed they have sex together.
 smack : héroïne ; "You and your fucking smack. Fuck ! And Lifestyle !" (Adriana to Christopher).
 to smoke pot : fumer du tosh ; “are you smoking pot ?” asked David to his sister Claire.
 smug : suffisant ; “you smug cocksucker !" says Dr. Melfi to Dr. Kupferberg (cf. vicarious).
 snatch : chatte ; Celia said that her husband spent afernoons with is head buried in the snatch of the tennis pro.
 to snuggle : se blottir, câliner ; "They were on the couch, watching TV, snuggling" says Tony to Dr. Melfi about Med and a young black man.
 spic : latino ; Elvira : You’re an immigrant spic millionaire who can’t stop talking... Tony : Who the fuck you calling a "spic" you white piece of bread ?
 sprout : pousser, grandir (plantes souvent) ; "I was short and I sprouted" says Phil to Nancy Taylor, a woman he supposedly knew in High School."
 squirter : femme fontaine ; "Well, enjoy. Orgasma Girl’s a squirter" says Doug to Andy
 on the take : corruptible ; "Was my Lou ever, you know, on the take ?" asked Catherine to Junior.
 a thud : un bruit sourd, un son mat ; I heard a thud as he jumps to the tunnel floor.
 tipsy : légèrement bourré(e) ; Taft, who’d grown tipsy, spilled a cocktail on the athletic-looking fellow beside him.
 twat : chatte ; Never come back ! You’re just a dirty twat !
 undaunted : pas intimidé ; cf. A girl called Eddy : Golden.
 vicarious  : indirect, par délégation ; "I’m concerned that treating a mobster provides you some vicarious thrill" says Dr. Kupferberg to Dr Melfi.
 To whack the shit out of somebody : foutre une branlée à quelqu’un ; "Why did your father whack the shit out of some guy ?" asks Dr Melfi to Tony.
 To wrap around one’s finger : faire les quatre volontés de quelqu’un ; "In a second you’ll be wrapping around my finger/Cuz I can, cuz I can do it better" cf. Avrile Lavigne, Girfriend.

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